Who am i

Coach Ayana O is truly a citizen of the world having lived in four countries to date visited six continents and 30 countries, Ayana got her first taste of success and perceived failure at entrepreneurship at the age of 15. Subsequently she has gone on to successfully start other ventures for herself, consulted and coached clients to success in a variety of industries including fitness, health & wellness, coaching, and fashion.


The results I produce in the world

I help individuals transition from employee to entrepreneur. Combining traditional results-proven methods with yoga, meditation and visualization,  individuals clear mental fog and become focused, overcome feeling overwhelmed, move past procrastination to productivity, take decisive action and move from working in someone's business to working on their own.

I look forward to working with individuals who are ready to create new and more productive habits, a high level of accountability, take action and consistently turn goals and ideas into reality!


Ready to make the move from employee to entrepreneur? Scared? Let me help you.

My calendar has opened up and now I have space to work with a limited number of clients 1:1. 

I am only looking for people who are ready to go RIGHT NOW, if that is you contact me.