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Ready to completely transform your personal and business life?

Ready for lasting change?

“ I will help you get from where you are to where you desire to be”

BOP Assessment

We are expected to produce more, be more, do more with same or less, this can manifest into B.O.P.S. (burnout, overwhelm, procrastinating, stressed).
Take this short assessment to see what your score is and resources to help you go from B.O.P.S. to T.O.P.S (triumphant, organized productive, successful)

My Services


 Everything tailored to helping you to overcome even the most complex challenges and come out the other side, stronger, more efficient and getting real life results.


One Page Business Overview

one of the most powerful documents in your business arsenal, but without clear guidance creating a one-pager can seem overwhelming, take weeks to complete and still end up disappointing everyone involved.


Launch & Secure Cohort

Getting started in business is hard, there I said it! That’s why so many new businesses end up never really getting of the group or a single paying customer. Yes, my bestselling course to help you launch your business is back! In as little as 8 weeks go from idea to having first paying customers.


Time Mastery Workshop

Designed to help participants increase productivity by improving planning and self-organization, mindfully


Time Management & Accountability Mastermind

Ready to maximize your productivity, focus and results?  Need help to fine tune your action plan? We Keep You accountable & taking action with incredible clarity and focus. You no longer feel overwhelmed.Get your questions answered, tips and tools on how to create a solid foundation for success, mindfully, through effective time management


The Art of Saying No

This workshop is designed to equip participants with tools to say an empowered no in order to create good habits that lead to goal achievement. If you find yourself with more task than time, overwhelmed by your to do list or resenting doing things for others then it’s time to learn to say no so you can say yes to more happiness, joy, peace and success in your life.


Workshops & Courses +

Our rolling programme of workshops, masterclasses, 1-2-1s and events is carefully curated to develop you and your business ideas.



  • October 11

Time mastery & accountability mastermind

September 24
October 14 – December 30

5 day FREE experience

September 24-28, 2023

Mindful Time Mastery Webinar


  • September 20

Coach Ayana O

I help people transform from where they are to where they truly desire to be.

Coach Ayana O is a highly transformative business and Mindfulness Coach, combining traditional results-proven methods and mindfulness techniques to help individuals clear mental fog, move pass procrastination, become more focused, overcoming feelings of being overwhelmed and take decisive action to enjoy more happiness, peace, satisfaction, success and balance in all areas of life.

Friday Reflection

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Results-driven accountability coaching





Why choose us

Results orientated

A high level of accountability, holding ourselves and you accountable to get you from where you are to where you desire to be

Proactive not reactive

Holistic approach 

We look at the interconnectedness of all aspects of your life, understanding the bigger picture

Utilizing results-proven methods, mindfulness techniques to first define success for yourself and create a solid foundation through habits to realize success