“When you learn, teach, when you get, give” Maya Angelou

Ayana helps individuals release limiting beliefs about their physical capabilities, increase self-confidence, deepen their practice, become stronger and healthier in mind, body and spirit by developing a growth mindset through custom designed flows, meditation and visualization.

Her passion and focus for helping people become healthier and stronger in mind, body, spirit through mindfulness comes from her own experience. Ayana learned firsthand that when wellness in physical, emotional, or mental is neglected, it leads to discord and unfulliment in all aspects of life.

Teaching mindfulness is one place Ayana has found her passion and purpose collide; motivating and inspiring others. By allowing others to transform their lives, holistically through yoga, meditation and mindfulness coaching, allowing them to let go of what no longer serves them and transitioning to their desired self.

Ayana completed her 200 RYT with Mark Balford-Taylor at TruFusion, Las Vegas in December 2018 and her Rocket Yoga Certification in July 2020 as well as created her signature Reggae Yoga Vinyasa Flow; fusing her heritage and passions. Ayana holds a B.S. in Psychologyfrom The Open University and M.B.A. in Business Administration (with honors) from the University of Liverpool and is a Business and Mindfulness Coach.

Ayana has lived in Jamaica, England, Japan and now the United States and has had careers in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. For fun, Ayana enjoys traveling (30 countries to date), volunteering, dancing, yoga, hiking, running, and spending quality time with family, friends and herself.

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