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S.T.E.P 1:1 Coaching

Ready to completely transform your personal and business life? Ready to lasting change? This revolutionary S.T.E.P program is the ultimate bespoke service, where you work directly with Coach Ayana O to produce lasting change. Everything tailored tohelping you to overcome even the most complex challenges and come out the other side, stronger, more efficient and getting real life results. What You Get

• 8 live sessions (virtual) • Revolutionary S.T.E.P process to transform your life in 90 days

• 5 proven steps to creating a solid foundation for success

• Ongoing support between sessions

• Strategic planning

• Accountability coaching

• Clearly defined deliverables

• Personalized success roadmap

• And so much more!

Real Life Results You will close the gap and step from where you are to EXACTLY where you want to be! Develop habits for lasting change, gain clarity, increase mindfulness, better work-life balance, improve health, increased confidence, happiness and peace, productivity soars, improved planning and self-organization, self improvement and measurable progress. Finally live a life that serves your purpose and making a bigger impact in the world

Bonus Features

⭐ 1 Planning session - 75 minutes ($250 value) ⭐ Launch & Secure Cohort ($2800 value) ⭐ Access to Accountability Mastermind for 90 days ($3000 value)

In just 10 minutes of speaking to
Coach Ayana, not only was | reassured what I was doing was worth it, but she helped give me
clearly defined goals and actionable steps to take my
business forward.

Sam James