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Launch and Secure

Getting started in business is hard, there I said it! That’s why so many new businesses end up never really getting of the group or a single paying customer. Yes, my bestselling course to help you launch your business is back! In as little as 8 weeks go from idea to having first paying customers. What You Get

• 8 weeks of live weekly group coaching calls, NO DIY video training

• Useful resources to save you time and $$$$

• Systems to achieve long term success • Formalize your business (get registered with the Secretary of State)

• Bootstrap marketing  Secure your very first (yes, or next) PAYING client.

• Essential time management and mindfulness techniques

• Collaborative learning from being part of a cohort

• High accountability Real Life Results :Walk away with a completed one-page business plan a roadmap to building a sustainable profitable business, action plan to meet the S.M.A.R.T goals you set, a registered business entity*, confidence to take action, maximize your time and talent.

*Costs for and associated with registering your business not included

Bonus material

⭐ Access to Accountability Mastermind for 30 days ($1000 value) ⭐ Time Mastery Workshop ($997 value) ⭐ A 1:1 session – 90 minutes ($475 value)


In just 10 minutes of speaking to
Coach Ayana, not only was | reassured what I was doing was worth it, but she helped give me
clearly defined goals and actionable steps to take my
business forward.

Sam James

One Pager

This package is done with you

Do you have a business idea? The thought of writing a business plan makes you anxious? Need an effective way to test the potential viability quickly? This is your solution! Designed to help the novice and seasoned entrepreneurs explain more clearly, and create a solid overview of their business idea in a format that’s easy to change and adjust – completed in one sitting with the expert gudiance of Coach Ayana O; saving you time and money. Don’t spend months developing a business plan or even years working on a business idea that may not be viable. What You Get

• Complete your one pager in one sitting

• 3 hours immersion

• Active learning

• KYPS discovery (Know Your Products and Services)

• Expert guidance and accountability

• Launch calendar template

Real Life Results Not only will you save you time and money, you learn if there is a big enough market to earn money and build a business around. Equipped with the completed on pager, you will be able to answer the how, what, who and why of your business, prioritize where to start and successfully write a comprehensive business plan.

Bonus material

⭐ Access to Accountability Mastermind for 30 days ($1000 value)


One Pager

This package is completed by yourself

Worksheet with instructions how to complete the One Page Business Overview. 1 revison by Coach Ayana O and a 30 minutes consultation call

Bonus material

⭐ Access to Accountability Mastermind for 30 days ($1000 value)


Ready to completely transform your personal and business life?