• The Power of Mindfulness in Entrepreneurship

    Exactly 13 years ago on February 1, 2011 on a bright snowy morning I woke up feeling completely defeated, a failure. Mere hours before I flipped the sign on the front door of L’arc en Ciel from open to close knowing that I would not be ever flipping it back to open again. In less than 3 years and over a quarter million pounds later I was devastated.

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  • Unlocking Success: Mindful Time Management

    There are a few things about me that are evident off the bat with a quick glance of my posts; I practice yoga regularly, I advocate mindfulness and share incessantly about time management.

    I often debate with myself on what I should or should not post more or less of and each time the answer comes back the same; “to thine self be true”. For me that truth is to continue to preach, teach, live and advocate what has and continues to positively impact my life and help me succeed, mindful time management.

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  • Writing Your Business Success with the Right Plan Yes, You Have to Write It.

    I’ll admit, writing my business plan was not a walk in the park for me. Despite having written several for clients in my early days of being a consultant, writing my own I realize why people pay others to write it for them. The process also revealed to me the importance of why every business needs to have a business plan and one which the owners proactively co-create if they delegate the task of writing it to a professional.

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