The essential self-starter kit to equip you with the tools to get started, restart or refine goal setting, planning, time management and mindfulness.
What’s included
• How To Guides:
- Set S.M.A.R.T Goals - The Art Of Saying No - Reframe Limiting Beliefs - Daily Habits Success: SKS (Stop, Keep, Start) - Procrastination Management - Time Audit
• 2 Guided meditations


Ready to maximize your productivity, focus and results? Need help to fine tune your action plan? We Keep You accountable & taking action with incredible clarity and focus. You no longer feel overwhelmed.
What’s included
• 30 minutes virtual coaching
• Discover you bad habits & replace with new, productive ones
• Keep you on track to actually see results
The End Result Is Simple: Consistently Turn Your Goals and Ideas Into Real Life Results Recommended 3 session minimum

BUY NOW $97 - *Priced per session

Get your questions answered, tips and tools on how to create a solid foundation for success, mindfully, through effective time management.
What’s included
• Clarity and recommendations for general time management and goal setting
• Mindfulness tips and recommendations
• Advice how to refine, maintain and adapt your schedule; develop a time map that hits the right balance between your various priorities.

BUY NOW $50 - *Priced per session

100% custom created for you. Whatever your mediation and visualization goal, each recording is tailored to your specific needs for faster results

What’s included

  • Discovery e-consultation
  • 20 minutes recorded guided mediation and or visualization
  • 1 revision


Designed to help participants increase productivity by improving planning and self-organization. Yes, it’s a workshop, that means we’ll be doing the actual work to get you results, because let’s face it… when else will you find the time.

What You Get

  • Comprehensive workbook
  • 5 hours immersion
  • Live coaching
  • 5 simple proven steps to effective time management
  • Strategic planning
  • Holistic goal setting
  • Building habits to achieve real results

Real Life Results

Those able to successfully implement time management strategies are able to control their workload rather than spend each day in a frenzy of activity reacting to crisis after crisis - stress declines and personal productivity soars!

BUY NOW $297

Get all of the powerful techniques of our time mastery workshop described and bonuses, PLUS an incredible one on one session. In this breakthrough session you will develop your own personalized strategy to implement all the techniques you learned in the workshop bespoke to fit around your unique challenges.

 Ultimate Bonus

  • 14 day Guided Journaling for clarity ($49 value)
  • 1 month access to Accountability Mastermind ($1500 value)

BUY NOW $597

Ready to completely transform your personal and business life? Ready to lasting change?

This revolutionary S.T.E.P program is the ultimate bespoke service, where you work directly with Coach Ayana O to produce lasting change. Everything tailored to you and your business, helping you to overcome even the most complex challenges and come out the other side, stronger, more efficient and getting real life results. 

What You Get

  • 8 live sessions (virtual)
  • Revolutionary S.T.E.P process to transform your life in 90 days
  • 5 proven steps to creating a solid foundation for success
  • Ongoing support between sessions
  • Strategic planning
  • Accountability coaching
  • Clearly defined deliverables
  • Personalized success roadmap
  • And so much more!


  • 1 Planning session - 75 minutes ($250 value)
  • Access to Launch & Secure Cohort ($3000 value)
  • 3 months access to Accountability Mastermind ($4500 value)

 Real Life Results

You will close the gap and step from where you are to EXACTLY where you want to be! Develop habits for lasting change, gain clarity, increase mindfulness, better work-life balance, improve health, increased confidence, happiness and peace, productivity soars, improved planning and self-organization, self improvement and measurable progress. Finally live a life that serves your purpose and making a bigger impact in the world

BUY NOW $6499

Getting started in business is hard, there I said it! That’s why so many new businesses end up never really getting of the group or a single paying customer. Yes, my bestselling course to help you launch your business is back! In as little as 6 weeks go from idea to having first paying customers.

What You Get

  • 6 weeks of live weekly group coaching calls, NO DIY video training
  • Useful resources to save you time and $$$$
  • Systems to achieve long term success
  • Formalize your business (get registered with the Secretary of State)
  • Bootstrap marketing
  • Secure your very first (yes, or next) PAYING client.
  • Essential time management and mindfulness techniques
  • Collaborative learning from being part of a cohort
  • High accountability


  • Access to Time Mastery Workshop ($297)
  • One laser coaching session - 90 minutes ($475 value)
  • 1 month access to Accountability Mastermind ($1500 value)

 Real Life Results

Walk away with a completed one-page business plan a roadmap to building a sustainable profitable business, action plan to meet the S.M.A.R.T goals you set, a registered business entity*, confidence to take action, maximize your time and talent.

*Costs for and associated with registering your business not included

BUY NOW $2799

Do you have a business idea?

The thought of writing a business plan makes you anxious?

Need an effective way to test the potential viability quickly?

This workshop is designed to help novice and seasoned entrepreneurs explain more clearly, and create a solid overview of the business in a format that’s easy to change and adjust - all completed in one sitting during the workshop before spending months developing a business plan or even years working on a business idea that may not be viable.

What You Get

  • Complete your one pager in one sitting
  • 3 hours immersion
  • Active learning
  • KYPS discovery (Know Your Products and Services)
  • Expert guidance and accountability
  • Launch calendar template


  • Access to Time Mastery Workshop ($297)
  • 1 month access to Accountability Mastermind ($1500 value)

 Real Life Results

No only will you save you time and money at the end of this workshop you know if there is a big enough market to earn money and build a business around. Equipped with the completed on pager, you will be able to answer the how, what, who and why of your business, prioritize where to start and successfully write a comprehensive business plan.

BUY NOW $597

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Create By Design Institute

Karina Johnson


Coach Ayana is awesome. Whenever I am on edge and unsure what do in my business or personal life, she provides the clarity I need to make the best decision. Whether it is something small or big Ayana can lead you in the right direction.

J. Cambridge

April 2019

“Coach Ayana O is highly knowledgeable and committed to her craft. She will help keep you accountable and motivated. With the help of Ayana, I was able to get my business license, insurance, an additional client, plus a heap of knowledge under my belt. She also gives you access to many valuable templates and business programs along the way. A great mentor once told me if you want to go far get a coach. If you are just starting out in business I highly recommend coach Ayana’s program!”