Working with organizations on a personal level to produce results by unlocking individual potential.

Helping Organizations transition Mindfully

We work with real teams to produce real results.

Successful businesses aren’t made up of technology, money, or manufacturing processes. No, they are made up of real people, all contributing to the success of the whole.

We will help you and your team overcome the feeling of overwhelm, move past procrastination, and take decisive action - resulting in a happier team with more focus, more peace, and much more productivity.

Featured Services

Productivity Management workshop


Designed to address issues that negatively impact productivity, cause stress, overwhelm, negative thinking and behavior. Those who successfully complete our workshops are gain and improve tools and skills to increase productivity by means of improved planning and self-organization, implement time management strategies, take control their workload, reduce spending each day in a frenzy of activity reacting to crisis after crisis, minimize stress, increase focus and make greater contribution and impact personally and and the organization and aid in fulfilling the collective vision and mission.


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Mindfulness Training and Facilitation


Each training is designed and executed to suit your company's goals, expectations and of course budget. Trainings designed specifically for your outcomes, facilitated sessions teaching and training various meditation and mindfulness techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, breathing techniques and combinations.
The services provided are comprehensive, encompassing and designed to suit your business goals. All costs are based on your needs and the level of team support required. Along with this, any pre-planning hours are included in the final costing.

Meet The Team

I am Ayana, an experienced business and mindfulness coach & consultant, yoga instructor, meditation leader, visualization expert. I combine traditional results-proven time management methods with mindfulness techniques to help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur (starting my first business at only 15) and spent my career learning what makes a business successful. Along the way I have obtained a BSc. in Psychology and an M.B.A, giving me the ideal background to help business and the people who make up the business make positive changes with the most powerful and lasting impact on their lives and business.
Using my knowledge and experience, I have crafted my unique method of coaching and teaching to help organizations operating around the world in different industries increase productivity and develop mindful, success habits and a solid foundation for success.

Let’s connect and discover how I can help you and your team thrive.