Corporate services


Problems We Solve

Issues that negatively impact productivity, cause stress, overwhelm, negative thinking and
behavior within your organization.


Corporate wellness is a big deal, the mental and physical health of your workforce is crucial to the success of your company, reports suggest that stress results in as much as $300 billion in lost productivity annually and one million absent workers every day.

Create by Design Institute creates custom designed mindfulness activities infused with your business’s vision mission and goals. Our programs are designed to have immediate results, relief for your biggest pain points, immediately and continue to effectively resolve them.

Why is this important?

  • Employees’ mental health is directly tied to their performance.
  • A highly stressed employee costs the company an extra $2,000 per year in healthcare, when compared to their less-stressed peers

 What’s the benefit to your business?

  • Your bottom line increases - Research has shown that for every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits.
  • Attract and keep top talent - 87% of employees consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer
  • Boost productivity, create a more compassionate workforce, develop and increase EQ, reduce stress, improved morale and increases employee wellbeing


Productivity Management Workshop

Designed to address issues that negatively impact productivity, cause stress, overwhelm, negative thinking and behavior. Those who successfully complete our workshops are gain and improve tools and skills to increase productivity by means of improved planning and self-organization, implement time management strategies, take control their workload, reduce spending each day in a frenzy of activity reacting to crisis after crisis, minimize stress, increase focus and make greater contribution and impact personally and the organization and aid in fulfilling the collective vision and mission.

Mindfulness Training and Facilitation

Each training is designed and executed to suit your company's goals, expectations and of course budget. Trainings designed specifically for your outcomes, facilitated sessions teaching and training various meditation and mindfulness techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, breathing techniques and combinations.

The services provided are comprehensive, encompassing and designed to suit your business goals. All costs are based on your needs and the level of team support required. Along with this, any pre-planning hours are included in the final costing.


Arrange a call to learn how to improve to improve productivity, decrease stress while increasing well-being with mindfulness.